If you are not familiar with the online version of this Chinese game, be ready to be amazed. There’s practically no limit to how many kinds of Mahjong you can play online. And there are many interesting features that distinguish the online version from the offline one.

Online Mahjong And Its Variants

The best thing about online games is that they can take a huge variety of forms, so people can choose according to their personal tastes. Most obviously, these thousands of versions have certain rules that are totally different from those of the original game. These rules can vary a lot, from the simplest to the most complex ones.

And although they are still called “Mahjong”, many of the online variants are actually more

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similar to puzzles or other such games than to the original game.

There are also 3D versions of Mahjong. This is certainly something that all Mahjong lovers would enjoy. These versions most often have excellent graphics. Sometimes, the tiles have the classic Chinese symbols. But tiles can be inscribed with mostly anything, from cartoon and fairytale characters to Halloween symbols.

The Visual and Audio Elements

Since the visual element plays such an important role in the success of online games, Mahjong is enriched with very well-thought characteristics and details. Online games try to attract as many players as possible, and the Mahjong game makes no exception to this rule. It’s maybe the closest thing to everybody’s favorite online game, no matter the age or gender.

Apart from a nice appearance, sounds are also very important for making the players enjoy the game and spend time playing it. Many Majhong games have traditional Chinese or Japanese musical pieces playing in the background, which

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make the whole experience a lot richer.

And quite obviously, imagery can include mythical creatures such as dragons. At the same time, cute little animals are also used to create a pleasant game atmosphere. And so are people dressed in Chinese or Asian costumes. All these great elements make up the charm that draws us to playing this game online.

No matter which variant you may prefer, Mahjong is a fantastic way to relax after school or work. Even small children can play it, in its simplest forms. As it’s not only a game of chance, but also of logic, it helps them develop their imagination, intuition, ability to organize their thoughts, and speed of reaction.

Basic Rules

No matter if it’s Chinese or American, the game has four players. As far as the number of tiles is concerned, Chinese Mahjong has 144 tiles, whereas the American version has 152 tiles. In the American variant, there are 8 more Joker tiles.

At the beginning of the game, each player receives a number of 13 cards. To put it briefly, the main idea is for players to keep drawing and discarding tiles/cards until they build a certain number of sets. Of course, rules depend on the variant of the game that is being played.

There are several Chinese words that designate certain specific situations, such as “chow” –

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when you have three successive numbers in a row – or “pung”, which refers to three identical cards in the same suit. This can make the whole activity of playing Mahjong much more exotic and interesting, of course.

Online Vs. Offline Mahjong

The basic difference between playing Mahjong offline and online is the social element. In the online version, you get the chance to meet new people or you can play solo, whereas in the real-life variant you generally play it with your good, old friends. That’s the main distinction between these two. At any rate, the online version obviously has its great advantages – otherwise the game wouldn’t be so famous all over the world.

You can play online Mahjong mostly anywhere –at home, at work (during break time), on your phone or laptop while waiting for the bus, on the subway, and so on. At the same time, you can stop it anytime you feel like, or pause it to do something else, and come back later.

The Philosophy Behind The

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Since it comes from China, it obviously has some deep meaning behind it. The Chinese went so far that in Shangai, during the Pre-Communist era, fathers used this game to test their son-in-laws before allowing them to marry their daughters.

The Chinese see the Mahjong game as a perfect tool to discover the true nature of a person, its way of reaction, and its degree of intelligence. Players are judged by the way they react when winning or losing. You can lose the game, but if you lose your temper, your reputation may be at great risk. At least that’s the basic philosophy that the Chinese put into the simple activity of playing the game.

Playing Games As A Form Of Therapy

The very idea of playing a game puts our mind in a certain state that is highly beneficial for us and those around us as well. Basically, it makes us feel good, and helps us detach from our daily routine and worries. It reminds us of the good times when we were kids and all we had to do was play and have fun, feeling completely carefree. Not to mention the fact that, by playing games, we also had the chance to meet new friends, which made the whole thing more enchanting.


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all these about the power of games over our mental state, it’s only natural that psychologists thought about using games for therapeutic purposes. People with certain mental conditions most often also have relationship issues, as they are often too caught up in their own world, to be able to reach out to others.

The Origin And Definition Of The Mahjong Game

The game comes from China. Apparently, the notorious ancient philosopher Confucius made certain references to this game. It has always been a huge success in Asia, but Western countries also introduced it, to the delight of many who like these forms of leisure and social interaction.

There are two basic forms of the Mahjong game, namely the American and the Chinese version. At any rate, Mahjong enjoyed a huge popularity in America, back in the 1930’s. And today, with the enormous impact of the Internet on our lives, it’s only natural that this game popped out again – this time, online.

Types Of Conditions That The Mahjong Game Is Beneficial For

A very interesting thing

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is that certain researchers consider this game as a great way to heal a number of psychological conditions, especially memory-related problems or dementia.

The Chinese take this very seriously. In fact, at the Kwai Chung Hospital in Hong Kong, patients diagnosed with dementia have been treated with this type of game since 1993. And doctors say it really works. Because of that, there are special places in this institution where people can play the game in order to get better and have a little fun while at it.

But at this hospital, it’s not just dementia or other mental illnesses that are treated with the help of this ancient game, but also physical problems. Under the direct supervision of specialists, patients can recover while also having fun in a safe environment.

Mahjongg is a game which originated from China and was developed by a Chinese philosopher around 500 BC. But there are no traces of evidence of this game founded before the 19th century.

Today, it can be played online on various websites or downloaded from various programs in various languages for relaxing, sharpening of mind or just for money.

Games’ rules
The rules for this game have been changed from time to time from when it was started. The main motto of the game is to clear out the whole screen of tiles by just clicking on two similar tiles (or stars or pictures).

A tile can be exposed in these ways:
1. There should be no tiles on top of another tile
2. There is an empty space on any of the sides either left or right.

If there is any tile exposed then we continue to click on other tiles, until we have not found out the similar matching tile. Every time with the launch new versions, there are new features added to the game which attracts people to play.

Some versions are:
1. Version 4.1d (latest version)
Mac OS X 10.4 & 10.5, Windows
Launched on: 12 March 2009

  1. [GL] Display Lists are now replaced from Vertex Array and Vertex Buffer Object.
  2. New style icon, with high resolution for Leopard and Vista.
  3. The default button is added to dialog boxes.
  4. The game can be installed in a path with Unicode characters.

2. Version 4.1c
Mac OS X 10.4, Windows
Launched on: 2nd April 2008

  1. [GL] Full-Scene Anti-Aliasing has been added. The check box for this feature will be disabled if the graphic card doesn’t support it. FSAA patch for wxWidgets is made available
  2. Downloading progress bar for Internet updates has improved.
  3. AutoPlay and Random layouts have been removed.
  4. Default settings: Numbers tiles can be set without sound.

Key Features

These days there are many new features which have been added to this game and many more will be added in future.

  • Gaming window can be resized: We can play the game in any resolution of the window
  • A memory to remember: The game can remember the changes in the window size between the playing sessions.
  • Special effects: The tiles in the game are having shadowing effects and their shadows disappear when game progressed and tiles are removed.
  • Multi-language: The game is available in English and French language also.